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The result of the Emmaus road Copy

Justin May 19, 2022

Once the Emmaus road disciples encounter Jesus walking with them, they couldn’t stay where they were. Their experience of walking with led them back to their community, a community of disciples who were just as foolish, and scared, and confused as they are.

We’ve already seen Jesus show up in the conversation of confused followers, so maybe we should expect what happens next. But the result of the Emmaus road is a surprise to those failed followers; a surprise that gives us hope for our own adventure of walking with.

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Note: This video should start at 12:03. The first twelve minutes cover the rest of the Emmaus Road.

What jumped out at you in this discussion of the Emmaus Road disciples? What application do you see for your own situation? How does the experience of these confused and misdirected followers inform the way you imagine your own neighborhood and neighboring relationships?

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