Shalom Photos Guide

What are Shalom Photos?

We tend to go through our lives at a rushed pace. We race through our day getting from one appointment to another. We drive from point A to point B and miss a lot along the way.  One of the best ways to begin to slow down is by walking. When we walk through our neighborhoods instead of driving we become more aware of what is happening. We can begin to notice small details. We start to see our surroundings with new eyes.

We can begin to look for Shalom (Hebrew for peace – wholeness, completeness, well being, as God intended) and we will also see Broken Shalom – (potential for God to work and bring wholeness to what is broken and set it right).  Slow down so you don’t miss out on what God wants to show you and what you can be a part of.
  • Take a photo of where you notice “Shalom” – wholeness, completeness, as God intended  (try taking one a day for a week)
  • Upload your photo(s) in the Shalom Photos Group and tell us why you took the photo(s).
  • What are you becoming more aware of as you intentionally slow down?