There's a


way to neighbor.

That’s the ancient invitation of Jesus, that we would discover a new and better way to live. It’s a kind of life that has always been and will always be. It’s a stream with no beginning and no end. And all we have to do is step in. We invite you and your household to discover the thrill of the neighboring life.
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Why neighboring life? Why now?

Neighboring Life was founded by Jeff & Amy Meyer who LOVE to uncover the beauty of people’s stories and the richness of meaningful friendships that spring up in the neighborhoods where we live. We invite you and your household to imagine neighborhoods where every person belongs, where every person knows they matter and have a contribution to make, a story to share. If this quickens your pulse just a little, read on.

Who is neighboring life for?
What are the benefits?

Whether you have years of experience building meaningful connections in your neighborhood, or your household feels disconnected from others in your neighborhood, you will find meaningful content and practical steps that will turn the abstract concept of neighboring into a concrete and fun expedition!

Neighboring Life is for anyone who longs for deeper human connections where we…
  • become sources of comfort and belonging
  • unearth amazing stories
  • raise the quality of our relationships
  • nurture a deeper sense of community
  • improve our mood
  • experience happiness and well-being

What is neighboring life?
How does it work?

Neighboring Life is a learning platform designed to put simple lessons into action. You will learn to practice door-opening, repeatable steps that close the human connection gap that exists in our neighborhoods. 

Once you’ve signed up for the platform, you will be able to start learning right away by…

  • Connecting and exchanging ideas with others
    who wish to practice neighboring
  • Live-changing courses
  • Exclusive events
  • Actionable learning
  • Life-sustaining community and coaching

Ready to get started?

Sign up for a free account today and learn how to start taking advantage of our lessons.