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Relay Race or Rope Team? Copy

Justin May 19, 2022

We often talk about “passing on the faith” as if we were in some kind of spiritual relay race. Although we certainly do want others to know about Jesus, the one right way, one right direction, one person at a time thinking that belongs to a relay race can actually be kind of damaging to your faith.

Your goal is not to hand off the faith to your kids or your neighbors; instead, you get to take a next step with them. Following Jesus with other people, even before they would identify themselves as believers, is more like adventure mountain climbing on a rope team than it is like passing the torch.

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Note: this video starts at 6:20, following the Assembly Line or Adventure discussion from our last topic.

Reflect on your experience of “passing on the faith.” Are you more likely to experience people around you like a relay race or a rope team? How does the difference apply to your neighboring life?

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