Neighboring Stories

This fundamental course is your introduction to Neighboring Life. Discover the reasons why we launched Neighboring Life, why this ancient-and-new-way of living is so important for us to truly be human. Uncover the barriers that keep us from attempting to step into this life-giving stream. And, unwrap the benefits of neighboring.  Our deeper human connections:
  • Become sources of comfort and belonging.
  • Unearth some amazing stories
  • Raise the quality of our relationships
  • Nurture a deeper sense of community
  • Improve our mood
  • Lead to happiness and well-being
Jeff & Amy · August 30, 2021


The neighboring life is more fun and more accessible than we realize. It is also more powerful than we think. Lives are changed. Relationships deepened. Trust and companionship are experienced. And, communities are changed by those who venture into this ancient-and-new-way of living. Spark your imagination as you engage in these neighboring stories. And, then, using the course prompts after each real-life story, start living your own neighboring life story and become part of the movement of deeper human connections. Add your story to the growing number of neighboring stories. Your story matters because stories:

  • Stimulate curiosity to learn more.
  • Empower risk-taking to get out there and give new behaviors a try.
  • Connect us emotionally with others.
  • Spark creativity and give us ideas we had never thought of before.
  • Instill courage in others to discover their own story.

Who is the course for?

Neighboring stories is a free course available and beneficial for any individual or household who wants to begin to experience the radically life-changing practice of neighboring. So, if you want to look at your own engagement in your neighborhood with new eyes and if you would like to join this grand experiment and enjoy a whole new world of meaningful relationships, dive in! We are glad you’re here. You will be too!

Course Overview

Emily inspires us to see that neighboring is accessible, cheap and fun!

Video 4 Min  + Action Item To Complete

Chris & Shikina assert that neighboring just takes a little awareness, a swift obedience and a willingness to receive kindness. A simple act of kindness can snowball into an enduring friendship.

Video 4 Min  + Reflection To Complete

Janel’s commitment to stop, drop, and actually pray in the moment opens doors for neighboring. This simple commitment opens eyes and opportunities we would never see otherwise. 

Video 6 Min  + Action to complete

Gregory’s friendship with Miss Ruby has taught him important personal life-lessons like awareness, intentionality and listening, lessons that have served him well.

Video 6 Min  + 2 Reflections to complete

Lessons like inviting, following a child’s lead, trying something new, and choosing to be available with no agenda are neighboring life staples.

Video 8 Min  + Reflection & Action to complete

Neighboring doesn’t necessarily require adding anything to your schedule. Like Dan & Sally did, you can take something that already exists in your neighborhood and tweak it just a bit to help people connect more deeply with each other. 

Video 9 Min  + Reflection  to complete

We can begin to believe that we are good neighbors if we take care of our lawn, don’t throw loud parties, clean up after our pets, and stay to ourselves. David discovered a few years back that after 18 years of living in the same house he and his wife only knew one neighbors name. He has become more intentional and has discovered how much richer his life is now that he has changed his approach and understanding of being a good neighbor.

Video 6 minutes + Reflection to complete

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