Neighboring Practices

This course on living the neighboring life is designed to close the gap in the human connections that exist in our neighborhoods. The Neighboring Practices course will give you the mindset, skillset, and toolset necessary to reach a level of competence that will give you the confidence needed to engage your neighbors in a healthy way. This is the easiest and most profoundly enriching and important journey you've ever been on. It is truly life-giving. It's the way God designed the world to operate. Packed with eye-opening lessons and rhythm-adjusting exercises you will be a part of a growing community that is discovering the exhilaration of the Neighboring Life. Lessons include:

  • Praying - Seeking Insight
  • Slowing Down-Increasing Awareness
  • Listening Conversations- Gaining Understanding
  • Out & About Adventures- Building Curiosity
Jeff & Amy · August 30, 2021


There are basic practices and best practices for neighboring. There are actions that we take and do again and again over the course of time. None of these lessons are one and done. We don’t do them as a way to check them off of a to do list.  This is a way of life. This is what we do to build trust, to see others as God sees them, to be aware of what is happening around us, be intentional with our time and the choices we make. We want to build rhythms into our life that soon become second nature. 

Who is the course for?

This course is for any household or individual that wants to become more intentional on taking action as you practice neighboring. Whether you have heard all of these ideas once before or for the first time, you can be reminded of where to start and what to try.  You can pray for someone you just recently met and haven’t been praying for before.  You sharpen your listening skills as you listen to someone else’s story that you have rushed past before. You can slow down so you don’t miss what God is doing. And you can go deeper with those people you have already met. 

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