Awesome Conversations

Paul · February 11, 2022


Awesome Conversations: Inspire trust and take action together

It can be intimidating to gather together with neighbors you barely know or even family members who hold differing views. There seems to be high emotional stakes these days due to:

  • Cancel culture 
  • Fake news
  • Social media silos

Awesome Conversations create a brave space through use of meaningful questions to explore relationships and perspectives at the heart level. Listening with curiosity and respect creates an opportunity for deeper connection…and stirs a passion to take action together.

Awesome Conversations offers a:

  • Structured approach to meaningful questions that builds trust
  • Focus on experiences…not ‘just the facts’…providing deeper relational insight of the other’s perspective
  • Priority on relationship versus outcome
  • Potential to experience AWE*

* AWE is an emotion of wonder or respect inspired by the dignity, wisdom, dedication, or talent of a person…or by the sacred, transcendent, or sublime (outstanding spiritual, intellectual, moral worth or quality – such as of beauty, nobility, or grandeur).

As you’re likely aware, conversations can be experienced at multiple levels: informational, emotional, and relational. An awareness of these levels gives us a better understanding of our conversation partner’s comprehension and responses. Turns out our personal experiences influence our beliefs about the world. Our beliefs frame our decisions and behavior…including our responses in conversation. Hearing personal stories about the other’s experiences offer insight to the other…at a heart or emotional level.

In the same way, sharing our own stories and pondering meaningful questions can open us to new possibilities and ways of seeing our world. Consider that Jesus asked meaningful questions so powerful that the lives of His disciples were transformed and continue to transform us today.

It’s the quality of our questions, not the accuracy of our answers that transform and bring us together.


Who is the course for?

Awesome Conversations Introduction is a free course available and beneficial for any individual or household who wants to offer a practical way to connect with neighbors, discover common ground, and explore the possibility for taking action together. So, if you want to get started in your neighborhood view this online introduction.

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